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Canna Dart pod and Battery

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CannaClear Dart Pods contain premium distillate and a host of all-natural and cannabis terpenes for strain-specific effects. There are no buttons on the Dart device, simply snap the pod into the battery using the magnetic connection and inhale to begin dosing. Pods are color-coded to match the strain varieties, with Yellow=Sativa, Blue=Indica, Green=Hybrid and Clear=1:1 THC/CBD.

  • Canna Dart Tropicana Cookies is a sativa strain that is said to provide uplifting, happy effects. The strain is incredibly sweet on the inhale, reminiscent of citrus, and gassy on exhale.
  • Canna Dart Super Silver Haze is a sativa strain said to provide uplifting and cerebral effects. Patients can expect notes of citrus, pine, and earth from the strain.
  • Northern Lights is an indica strain with reported euphoria at the onset of effects, fading to a soft, relaxing cerebral experience. The strong taste of pine enhances the Northern Lights experience.
  • Grape Ape is an indica strain that has a soft taste of its namesake on inhale, with pepper and pine on exhale. Grape Ape may lend a deep relaxation to both body and mind, with potentially sedating effects.
  • Pineapple Express is an infamous hybrid strain is known to provide uplifting effects and a burst of creativity-fueled energy. Patients can expect notes of pineapple and pine when medicating with Pineapple Express.
  • OG Kush 1:1 THC/CBD is a hybrid strain said to provide a hint of citrus on inhale and earthy flavor profile on exhale. OG Kush may lend relaxing, balanced and primarily cerebral effects.
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3 reviews for Canna Dart pod and Battery
  • Pasher larry

    You got the best Dart pot ever I really enjoyed it thanks a lot

  • Chausan chels

    Thanks for my products I really loved it and the delivery method is swift and trusted thanks

  • Ian broklyne

    I really do love your products very much and your manner of approach and simplicity thanks a lot

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